About us

Building the Future Together: An Introduction to Riyadh Al Etqan Co.

  • RETQAN Contracting & Engineering Services company is a Saudi based company serving Saudi industrial customers since 2008.
  • Providing customized and engineering Electrical power & automation, Instrumentation products,
    solutions & services.
  • Certification of TÜV Nord ISO 9001 & ISO 45001:2018…
  • The portfolio of RETQAN covering LV/MV VSD’s & Motors, PLC, DCS, Instrumentation, Gas analyzers, relays, LV/MC SG’s, …etc in collaboration with our principles: ABB , Siemens, Danfoss, Schneider,
  • RETQAN team is led by professional stakeholders of multinational exposure and staff certified for
    delivering the services.
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Our Mission

We are committed to provide our customers with a superior quality products & service.

Our Vision

Achieve sustainable area recognition for being one of the top companies.
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R-Aletqan : CEO’s Message

Riyadh Aletqan has always strived to address global challenges and meet the needs of our customers and partners by transforming our business models and approaches in accordance with the changing times.
By drawing on our core strengths and fully leveraging our global network, business infrastructure, knowledge and diversity, we will continue to combine insights and collaborate across industries to create new value in this new world.

Engr. Hassan


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Some of our Certifications

“Certifications showcase knowledge and expertise, adding credibility and value to one’s professional portfolio.”

“The company made a significant effort to obtain certifications, including investing in employee training, updating processes to meet industry standards, and undergoing rigorous audits. This demonstrated a commitment to quality and a drive for continuous improvement, ultimately leading to the recognition and validation of the company’s capabilities.”