LV Switchgear solutions

LV Switchgear refers to Low Voltage Switchgear, a type of electrical switchgear that is designed to handle low voltage levels (typically below 1000V) in industrial and commercial electrical systems. It provides protection, control, and distribution of electrical power to different parts of the electrical system. LV Switchgear can be used to control and protect individual electrical loads or groups of loads, and it often includes components such as circuit breakers, disconnect switches, and fuses. The switchgear can be customized to meet specific requirements and can be designed for use in harsh and demanding environments. LV switchgear is used in a wide range of applications including buildings, substations, and power plants.


Supply, design, installation & commissioning.
Retrofit of Circuit Breakers, Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), PF Panels
Load flow studies using ETAP Software.
Replacement & Upgrades for old Relays with all modifications required.


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