PLC/DCS automation solutions

PLC/DCS automation refers to the use of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and distributed control systems (DCSs) in industrial automation. These systems are used to automate and control various industrial processes and operations, including manufacturing, production, and quality control. PLCs and DCSs are responsible for reading input signals from sensors, executing control algorithms, and transmitting output signals to actuators, enabling real-time control and monitoring of the process. PLCs are typically used in smaller, less complex systems, while DCSs are used in larger, more complex industrial processes that require high-level control and monitoring. Both PLCs and DCSs can be programmed and configured to meet specific requirements and can be integrated with other automation components, such as HMI, SCADA, and drives, to form a complete control system.


Channel partner & System Integrator for SIEMENS & ABB in DCS.
Design, Engineering, Supply & Commissioning of complete
ABB 800XA / Symphony Plus DCS systems & Panels.
Upgrade of existing ABB 800XA & INFI90 DCS Systems.
Design, Engineering, Supply & Commissioning of complete
SIEMENS PCS7 DCS system & Panels.
Upgrade of existing SIEMENS PCS7 DCS Systems.
Virtualization Solutions.
Technical support, Advanced services & Maintenance solutions.
Consultancy services.


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